Pearson School Pearson School

Managing a chain of 20+ schools using a single solution

Client Introduction

Pearson is a global education, media and publishing group, represented by market-leading businesses such as Longman, Financial Times and Addison Wesley

Caters to a range of educational products— From pre-school to high school, early learning to professional certification

Pearson's curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools, assessment and testing programmed help educate more than 130 million people worldwide

  • Pearson products are present in over 50,000 schools of the 100,000 schools in the US. In the UK, 10,000 schools of the total 20,000 primary schools use Pearson Products


Pearson has a business model to acquire existing schools in India; put own expertise and resources to offer world-class education at an affordable price. Acquired schools had varying degree of complexities and characteristics based on their traditional way of operations. To standardize process, practices, policies with effective control, monitoring and planning; Pearson needed a system in place to connect all schools and manage remotely


eSSMS A Sonet's proprietary solution in partnership with IBM


  • Help and guide implementation of effective standard operating practices
  • Central Data Management of Students Life Cycle-enquiry, registration, admission, fees to TC
  • Generates flexible reports to get insights of students/staff life cycle
  • Bundled with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution offers the Sync engine capabilities for real-time information accessibility at HQ level helping an effective control and monitoring

India success story of Pearson Schools as on date

  • Single window administration of school chain in-line with Compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Fiscal accountability to students, parents, funding sources, and oversight agencies
  • Strong competitive Standing
  • Enhanced transparency, productivity & control
  • A dynamic platform to standardize processes and reporting