Vision, Concept, Design principal:Sonet Solutions

Improving organizational effectiveness and accountability through powerful
solutions built for educational institutions


  • Customizable
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Globally accessible
  • Economical
  • Real time


  • Integrate all stakeholders at one platform
  • Automation at all level
  • Dashboard with actionable insight to raise the health of organizational scoreboard
  • Global exposure and marketing tool

Design principal

  • Web Based System
  • Role Based System
  • Automated Work Flow
  • Multi-level security
  • Archival support
  • Real time Data accessibility/customized reports

Key advantages

  • Offers an accurate, real-time visibility of the performance based on structure and activity mechanism
  • Captures and presents the meaningful information to leaders, stakeholders, faculty, alumni and students in a quick and handy way such as expenditures and revenue, service levels, inventory, expenditures and revenue, service levels, etc

Sonet Solution lines

Sonet has in-house technical and functional expertise to meet the requirement of
educational institutions using own proprietary products

Educational institution Single layered organization Multi layered organization
Solution line  Essms E-SCOP 
Version  Essms-School  Essms- Premium  E-SCOP-College  Uni-SCOP  Escop-SC  Escop-VTE 
Target institution  Stand alone school unit  Stand alone school unit  College  University  Chain of schools/institutions  Vocational schools/Training institutions  
Description  Plug and play solution line to handle the typical needs of standalone educational institutions, primarily in a school environment Plug and play solution lines made to integrate processes related with resources, people and finance with flexibility for scalability of the applications at enterprise level
Designed and developed to meet the typical and critical needs of mid-large multi-branched, multi-layered educational organizations across the globe.
Supports and offers an institution the flexibility to design and customize based on current and  future requirement
Solutions are capable enough to continuously raise the ease of operation, quick decision making based on immediate/future planning as per the different business scenarios 

Key highlights

  • An integrated system that operates in real time, without relying on periodic updates- centralized monitoring through Online Dashboard compatible with  I PAD, Mobile etc
  • Synced daily routine work there is no redundancy of Data Entry
  • Secure shared and personalized web based system- Access as per defined rule—reduce data theft and accidental damage to data; y secure, login authenticated system
  • Accelerating and expand communications with email reports
  • Complete Administration Management Systems
  • Process management and automation and rich BI functionality
  • Improved Communication among, Students, Teachers, Staff, Administration , stakeholders- e-enabled to facilitate : Easy access to the information that people need
  • Simple and easy to implement and maintenance free environment- Unhindered and smooth management
  • Transparency in process execution
  • Increased cooperation within organization at each individual/function level
  • Absolute control on Institute processes -Execution through 100 % automation
  • Single student database for school administration, library and fee collection, etc
  • Reports to MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF documents
  • Single employee database for school administration, library and payroll
  • Can be hosted On Local Server/ Local Web Server/ Dedicated Web Server/ Cloud Server
  • Grants management and project accounting Fund accounting
  • 24X7 availability, anytime – Anywhere
  • Transparency and flexibility
  • Flexibility to integrate with Smart cards, Biometric readers, RFID technology
  • Budgetary control and commitment accounting
  • Offline and online data synchronization
  • Raised Productivity
  • Facilitates centralized data repository
  • Handy tool for planning across organizations/branches/departments, etc at activity/person/resource level
  • A consistent look and feel throughout each module

Key Benefits to stakeholders

Sonet solutions are designed to automate activities and processes


  • Provide Single point of integration and control from Academics to Administrative administration, library and payroll
  • Data in one place to direct decision making
  • Customized reports with statistics
  • Monitor the current performance; both— financial and non-financial
  • Resource optimization—minimization of unnecessary activities, resources
  • Handle—immediate need of resources, finances, activities, initiatives
  • Plan—based on historical, current performance including the projected initiatives/funds—flexibility to change as and when required
  • Flawlessly communicate/direct with students/staff/external agencies
  • Complete control over Finances; including income and expenditure details

Administration/office staff, teachers, students

  • Automate fee collection, accept payments online, generate quick reports
  • Administrate and generate payroll accounting & attendance details
  • Contact students, staff, management effortlessly
  • Initiate timely correspondence to other departments
  • Handle day to day activities such as time table generation
  • Implement/introduce new courses
  • Simplification of students records such as attendance, examination, test activities, etc.
  • Smooth handling to class schedules, time table and question paper planning
  • Real-time access at home/office
  • Lesson planning
  • Administration, library and payroll management

Key Modules

Enquiry Management
Student Admission Management
Student Admission
Fees Management
Transport Management
Hostel Management
Academic Management
Examination Management
Training and Placement
Training and
Library Management
Inventory Management
Staff Information & Attendance
Staff Information
& Attendance
HRMS & Payroll Management
HRMS & Payroll
Accounts Management
Self Service Portal for Students
Self Service Portal
for Students
Self Service Portal for Employee
Self Service Portal
for Employee
Business Intelligence for Top Management
Business Intelligence
for Top Management
Grievance & Feedback
& Feedback
Alumni Association

Approach- Solution delivery

Sonet is flexible and capable to work on both delivery methods


  • Less documentation
  • Interim change in development
  • Workable solution with each milestone
  • Iterative and incremental


  • Clear and elaborate documentation
  • Stick to the plan developed at the beginning
  • A final solution at the end
  • Phased and sequential

Input and output

Sonet solutions are technically compatible with latest technology

Input and output